Older Australians make a wonderful contribution to their communities and our nation has an obligation to respect their achievements for our country and ensure they always have available the support they need in their retirement years.

It is vital that our nation gives back to our Seniors through the provision of health care, respite and rehabilitation facilities, aged support and employment services; together with advice and assistance for self-funded retirees.

I am proud to represent you and your interests in Federal Parliament.

Please download my Aged Pension Guide, which covers topics including:

  • A comprehensive introduction to the Age Pension;
  • Information regarding how overseas travel affects Age Pension payments;
  • Eligibility and how assets, investments and income testing may affect Age Pension payments;
  • Information regarding the Pension Age; and
  • Benefits for Carers.

This edition of the Age Pension Guide provides information on the latest terms and conditions that apply to Age Pension. I hope you will find it helpful.