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Media Statement

I thank the Prime Minister for his announced intention to recommend to the Governor-General my appointment as the next Australian Ambassador to the United States. Joe Hockey is doing an exemplary job in the United States and his will be big shoes to fill. At this age and stage of my career, and having survived…

Latest Speech

Return to Parliament

Colleagues, it’s good to be back. I love this place and the vocation we all share. We’re here on the trust of our fellow Australians, who look to us to use our very privileged positions here to do our very best for the nation and for them. That lights the fire in my belly and…


I was born and raised in Newcastle, New South Wales, the son of Greek immigrants from the island of Cephalonia in the Ionian Sea. My parents were not wealthy, but they worked hard. We never felt deprived.

I believe in creating a stronger Australia, serving you, my fellow Australians, listening to your concerns and giving you ownership of change.

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