Newsletter Issue 11: February 2016



2016: A YEAR OF GROWTH AND PROSPERITY  •  As Parliament resumes in 2016, my colleagues and I will focus on delivering a more productive economy that provides higher real wages, more investment and strong jobs growth.
THE IMPORTANCE OF THE INNOVATION AGENDA  •  I have often said that Australia has an imperative to innovate. In the modern day, digital disruption is moving faster than we could ever have imagined. It’s no longer just an interesting phenomenon – it’s an everyday reality. No area of society can be insulated from it.

OUR RESPONSIBILITIES IN THE CAMPAIGN AGAINST ISIL  •  Following attacks on innocent civilians around the world by violent extremists, the attention of many Australians has been drawn to our country’s contribution to the effort to defeat ISIL forces in the Middle-East.

UNIVERSITY OF NEWCASTLE 50TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION  •  I spoke at the 50th anniversary of my alma mater, the University of Newcastle, in the Mural Hall in Parliament House. It was a great opportunity to join fellow alumni in celebrating how far the University has come, transforming from a small college into Australia’s top-ranked ‘under-50’ university and a pillar of
the Newcastle community.
VISIT TO PATRICIAN BROTHERS' COLLEGE, FAIRFIELD  •  In December, I had the pleasure of opening the Technical and Applied Studies Block at Patrician Brothers’ College in Fairfield. These new learning spaces take into account the latest in education research and will see students learn more effectively.