Statement by Senator the Hon Arthur Sinodinos AO

18 JANUARY 2017

I would like to thank the Prime Minister for recommending me for appointment as the Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science.

I have been a strong supporter of Australian industry and jobs throughout my public life, including in The Treasury and as Chief of Staff to the former Prime Minister, the Hon John Howard OM AC.

Collaboration is a fundamental part of the Turnbull Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda and will be important to my approach to industry policy more generally.

Industry policies and programs do not operate in a vacuum and should always link with macroeconomic, competition, regulatory, employment, trade, and investment policies.

I also have a keen appreciation of the importance of innovation and science policies, including the role of national institutions such as CSIRO, in delivering economic growth and development.

I am very optimistic about the future of high value manufacturing in Australia, including its role in global supply chains.

I repudiate Labor’s policies, which will result in additional costs to Australian consumers and our great export industries, which face vigorous overseas competition.

We want to build confident and outward looking Australian businesses that generate jobs and give us more control over our economic destiny.

I believe it is workers, entrepreneurs and risk takers who should be at the centre of the economy; not government.

It was an honour to assist the Prime Minister in restoring traditional cabinet processes, which have been enhanced by his excellent chairing.

I sought to play the role of honest broker in dealing with my ministerial colleagues, ably assisted by Senator the Hon Scott Ryan who will continue to advise the Prime Minister on cabinet processes.

I look forward to working with Senator the Hon Matt Canavan and the Hon Craig Laundy MP, both of whom have hit the ground running in their respective roles.

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