Statement - NSW Electoral Commission

24 MARCH 2016
It is a matter for the NSW State Division to respond to the matters raised by the NSW Electoral Commission in its statement.

I had no role in the NSW Division’s decision to decline to update information disclosed in that declaration, as was requested by the Commission.

For my part, my lawyers have written to the Commission to draw its attention to errors of fact in its statement in relation to me. I was not given the opportunity by the Commission to comment on its statement before its publication and I was not aware of the publication until shortly prior to its release.

The Statement already has been extensively cited by the media. In a number of instances, there has been erroneous commentary to the effect that I “concealed” illegal donations, and that my actions were somehow corrupt or illegal. That media commentary is a direct consequence of the NSW Electoral Commission’s flawed publication.

In light of these matters, my lawyers on my behalf have invited the Commission to immediately retract all references to me in the publication. The Commission has been invited to publish a correction to that effect on its website.

Contact: Lance Northey 0447 568 061