Appointment as Cabinet Secretary


Today I was sworn in as Cabinet Secretary.

It is a privilege to have been selected to serve as a Cabinet Minister in the Turnbull Government.

The Prime Minister expects that we conduct Cabinet business in an orderly and effective manner.  It is important that we observe the principle of Cabinet solidarity so that the Government projects a clear and consistent message about its strategies and priorities.

We must make the best use of that tremendous resource known as the Australian Public Service. Clear demarcation of responsibilities between ministers, ministerial staff and public servants will assist this process.

It is also important that the Cabinet receive regular feedback from the backbench to ensure that it is well informed on community expectations and issues.

Major reforms require appropriate consultation with stakeholders and will need to be factored in to the framework for the Government’s policy development.

The Prime Minister has renewed the Government’s agenda and this is an exciting time for all those interested in public policy.

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