Stone & Chalk Opening


I was honoured to help celebrate the opening of Stone & Chalk, Sydney’s new not-for-profit fintech hub.

Australian fintech (financial technology) companies are among the very best in the world, and Stone & Chalk will help Sydney to flourish as a centre of fintech in the Asia-Pacific region. The product of collaboration between industry and government, Stone & Chalk aims to foster a fintech innovation ecosystem by incubating the highest-quality entrepreneurial start-ups.

It will bring them together with venture capital and corporates to allow Australia’s most brilliant fintech ideas to come to fruition on our own shores. Stone & Chalk is supported by the established financial industry leaders it seeks to disrupt, creating a cyclical ecosystem that speeds up the process of innovation development.

I am proud to support this extraordinary initiative and wish the team at Stone & Chalk all the best.


Photograph - left to right: Alex Scandurra (CEO, Stone & Chalk), Senator Sinodinos, the Hon. Paul Fletcher MP, Craig Dunn (Chairman, Stone & Chalk)