Patrician Brothers' College, Fairfield

20 DECEMBER 2015

In December, I had the pleasure of opening the Technical and Applied Studies Block at Patrician Brothers’ College in Fairfield.

Students and staff at the College now have full use of the nine specialist rooms for technical and applied studies, seven general learning areas, an administration area and staff and pupil facilities. The Australian Government provided $3,500,000 in funding from the Capital Grants Programme.

Students and the whole school community will benefit from using the new facilities. These new learning spaces take into account the latest in education research and will see students learn more effectively.

The Australian Government is contributing a record $69.5 billion to government, independent and Catholic schools over the budget and forward estimates – this represents a $4.1 billion, or 27.9 per cent, increase between 2014–15 and 2018–19.

As well as delivering increased funding, the Australian Government is focusing on quality and choice for schools.