Children's Cancer Institute

22 JULY 2016

It was my privilege to visit the Children’s Cancer Institute (CCIA) this week to see for myself the transformative work they are doing to help beat childhood cancer.

Prof Murray Norris AM, Deputy Director and Head of the Molecular Diagnostics Program at CCIA, showed me around their labs and explained how they are personalising cancer treatments for children who have high-risk cancers. It was incredible to see behind the scenes of the ground-breaking research they are conducting.

Prof Glenn Marshall AM, former Director of Kids Cancer Centre and now Head of Translational Research at CCIA then showed me around the Kids Cancer Centre at Sydney Children’s Hospital. It was a touching and valuable glimpse into the frontline battle against childhood cancer.

As part of our election commitment to develop Australia’s medical research capabilities, the Coalition is investing $20m in the work being done by CCIA and the Zero Cancer Collaboration Network.

The Zero Cancer Collaboration Network brings researchers, doctors and cancer patients together to deliver real-time discovery of the best individualised treatment for each cancer and each cancer patient. I am proud that we can support and fund such important work.

I cannot praise these people enough – all of those working at the Kids Cancer Centre, those in the Zero Cancer Collaboration Network, and all the fighting children and families - for what they are doing to beat childhood cancer.